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Thank you for choosing FunTyme Rentals! Please fill out the form below to Reserve a Moonwalk and/or other Party Rentals. This form is only for Reserving our Services: please Do NOT enter any payment information at this time. After we receive your Reservation Request, we will contact you to finalize your Reservation and discuss Payment Options. (We currently accept Cash, Money Order, Company Checks or Major Credit Cards using our online payment processor PayPal). Credit card payments accepted upon delivery with a 3% swipe fee.

A minimum order of $75 is required on all invoices. Any order placed under the minimum amount will acquire a fee to reach our minimum amount of $75 plus any delivery fee that may be associated with the zip code.

Reservations made more than 14 days from the date of delivery or reservations made for Holiday Days and/or Holiday weekends will require a 50% non-refundable deposit or paid in full.

FunTyme Rentals, LLC. is a full service rental company committed to excellence in service. For this reason we only deliver and do not allow customer picks of any type.

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Quantity “Special with inflatable” 1 set only 2 adult tables and 12 adult chairs $35
Quantity “Single Adult Set” 1 rectangular table and 6 adult chairs $19
Quantity “Rectangular Deluxe Set” 1 rectangular table and 6 lifetime chairs $25
Quantity “Round table set” 1 60” round table and 8 adult chairs $24
Quantity “Round deluxe set” 1 60” round table and 8 lifetime chair $35
Quantity “Kid’s Toddler Rectangular set” 1 48” table and 6 multicolor chairs $25
Quantity “Kid’s Toddler Round Table set” 1 48” round table and 8 multicolor chairs $35
Quantity “Kid’s Toddler chair” 1 multicolor toddler chair $2
Quantity “Adult Table” 1 6ft adult table $10
Quantity “Adult Round table” 1 60” round table $15
Quantity “Adult White Chair” 1 Adult stackable commercial chair $1.55
Quantity “Adult Lifetime Chair” 1 Adult white lifetime chair $3
Quantity “Rectangular linen” 1 white linen for adult 6ft table $10
Quantity “Round linen” 1 white linen for adult 60” round table $15
Tables and chairs are delivered stacked and racked additional fee for setup and break down.
I am requesting setup and breakdown of tables and chairs at $ .75 per item minimum setup fee $15.
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